[Mgs] MGB Parts That Are No Longer Needed

Norm twobees at sprynet.com
Thu May 7 09:11:01 MDT 2015

Some of you may remember me as a regular poster on this Digest during the
many years I had my last two MGBs.  Now, as we look to scale down from a
too-big house, I'm finding some MGB parts.
Here are some:
1 - I have a set of like-new coarse-thread winged knock-offs from the MGB I
sold 9 years ago that I will be putting on eBay in a couple of days.
I only had them a few years before selling and only used for shows.  In
great condition.  Would pass muster at any regional show.
They fit: MGB, Big Healeys, Triumphs.  Remember, coarse thread only.  That's
8 threads per inch.
2 - Top Bows for an early MGB.  They are for the Stow-away top.  A decent
finish on them.  Only thing wrong is that one of the snaps is held on by a
screw versus a rivet.  Other than that they are an "8" versus a brand-new
set's "10".
3 - MGB Timing Chain - also for Spridget 948 - 1098.
4 - a collection of used MGB parts like a valve cover with cap, carb heat
shield, rocker assembly, Michelin tubes (2), K&N air filter element E-3320
with two tops & no base, Velocity stacks for SU's - 1-1/4" mid-rise, &
1-3/4" stubbies that could be for 45 DCOE Webers, 1-3/4" dia. SuperTrapp
tip, new/unused NAPA Transmission Oil Cooler (Hayden) #1-4822, some
out-dated racing harnesses (red & blue) one of which can be re-webbed.
If any of you are interested in buying before I list the first two on eBay,
let me know ASAP.  Email & I'll send pics.  The rest will go locally.
Thanks for your help over the years.
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