[Mgs] MGA Master Cylinder rebuild

Robert J. Guinness guinness at stclegal.com
Mon May 4 08:43:03 MDT 2015

I am having a heck of a time getting the primary piston cup onto the 
master cylinder piston on my MGA 1600 with a "high-hat" Lockheed master 
cylinder.  I have soaked the cup in brake fluid and lubed the piston in 
brake fluid as well.  I even tried stretching the piston cup with long 
nose pliers.  No luck.  I did get one on after an hour or so of hit an 
miss trying.  The clutch side is proving more problematic. Does anyone 
have some helpful tricks of the trade?

(Anyone want to know how far a primary piston cup will fly when shot off 
a piston, or how bruised the end of a person's thumbs can get?)
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Robert Guinness

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