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Rick Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 17:32:24 MDT 2015

> How does this dude ever have time to actually work on MGs or Ferrari’s,> F18 Hornets or whatever else he’s got…> He’s always writing emails!! :-)
That's an easy one Murray; I'm retired! I love building cars, researching cars and yes, writing about cars. Strangely, I don't drive much!
Right now I'm in Porto with a friend and fellow MG list member, Rui Gigante. Today our wives went shopping while we:
- Looked at a friend's Magnette, in the paint booth.- Checked out an A-M DB6 and a DB2.- Degreed the cams in a Ferrari F355- Visited family - And now as the evening winds down, I'm writing to you.
Each trip to Portugal gets me reinvigorated to work on my cars. The sports car guys here are so passionate about the older cars, especially Rui. And of course, there are a lot of car marques here that never officially made it to the States. That's a treat for me.
Despite the glowing words written earlier, I've never restored a fighter jet...but I did restore a 1910 White Monoplane for the Tulsa Air and Space Museum! Growing old has few benefits but one I enjoy is having a fine collection of interesting cars, gained gradually (and usually inoperative) over the past 30+ years.
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