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Hello friends,
Any of you studied the MGU-H part of Formula One's ERS? It has one really novel bit. I'll get to that, but first, an ERS overview...
MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit - Kinetic) is just a generator/motor on the petrol engine crank that utilizes otherwise wasted kinetic energy, say, under braking - or even adding to braking since in generator mode, the MGU-K absorbs kinetic energy. (Given clandestine electronics, could this not be a form of power assisted brakes or even ABS?) Under acceleration, the unit functions as an electric motor adding power to the petrol engine's output.
MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit - Heat) is also a generator/motor bit but on the turbocharger. I can see why they call this a Heat device but I think that's really a misnomer since it too is using kinetic energy, just from the turbo shaft rather than the crank. Anyway, the MGU-H generates electricity from otherwise wasted turbo speed. Said another way; When the turbine is attempting to spin faster than the compressor needs, say, when the driver lifts. As such, its a mechanical waste gate - just without wasting the kinetic energy as excess pressure.
The clever bit that caused me to write this excessively boring post is that the MGU-H also acts as a motor to spin up the compressor before the turbine comes into full play. Therefore the MGU-H helps negate turbo lag! That's pretty cool! If '80s era 911s had that, their back ends wouldn't pass their front ends quite as often!
Okay, back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.
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