[Mgs] Today's adventure

Max Heim mvheim at sonic.net
Sun Mar 1 20:02:49 MST 2015

Since it was (almost) my birthday, my wife asked me what I wanted to do today. I said I wanted to drive the MG up to Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside for brunch. It was a beautiful day for a top-down drive. Had a great brunch, chatting briefly with a gentleman I know from vintage events — his XK120 was parked out front. Back in town, we stopped at the farmers’ market and the bookstore. When we got home I took in the purchases then went back out to button up the tonneau… “uh-oh, what’s that puddle under the car?”

Rather than crawl under the car in my “good jeans” I thought I’d back it up to to check what kind of fluid it was (I suspected fuel since I changed the gas filter yesterday). Oops — no clutch pedal. The clutch slave had blown out. It seems unbelievably fortunate that it had waited until safely parked in the carport, instead of blowing out on the mountain roads I had just been driving.

So I immediately started tearing it apart. The slave was a gloppy mess, and the flex hose looked pretty shabby, also. Then I twisted the end off the hard line trying to undo it (a 7/16 flare nut wrench apparently couldn’t hold the fitting, and what’s with that 15/16 nut? Who the hell has a stubby 15/16 open end wrench? I sure don’t — my 15/16 combo wrench is over 16 inches long).

Moss is getting a lot of business from me lately, over and above my “project” car. Oh well...

Max Heim
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it's the primer red one with chrome wires
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