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Rick Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 06:20:49 MST 2015

> Sometimes it's not just one thing, or even two things.

Max, that is such a familiar story!

Regarding the coil; Are you sure that the new coil isn't intended for use with a ballast resistor? If so, you may have a '9 volt coil' operating on 12 volts (roughly speaking). That could account for the overheating and eventual failure. Or it could just be bad out of the box. It happens.

I really dislike crimp-on connectors. Where possible, I solder on connectors then insulate with heat shrink tubing. Of course, that method has drawbacks too. And its not suitable for on the go repairs. 

I also dislike pushing cars. As I read your note I was reminded of the time my Testarossa failed. That's a big, heavy car to push AND doing so seems to confirm everyone's assumption. Unlike your Bimmer driver's almost-compassionate words, I just got pointing and laughing! Its funny how everyone seems to hate successful people. 

-rick, empathizing

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