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Charley & Peggy Robinson ccrobins at ktc.com
Mon Feb 23 05:58:24 MST 2015

It would help if you told us which MG and what model year.

On 2/23/2015 3:03 AM, PaulHunt73 via Mgs wrote:
> ... at the far end of the dash on early cars.
> Most sources indicate that this is the same as the number plate light, 
> minus the curved plinth that the number plate light needs.
> However that has quite a large bulb holder with a rubber cover that 
> would need to protrude through the dash, whereas the dash on a pal's 
> car bought as an abandoned restoration only has a relatively small 
> hole in that position, so small that not even the metal part of a bulb 
> will go through, let alone the bulb holder.
> So anyone with that map light, I'd be grateful if you could feel 
> behind the dash and tell me if there is a bulb holder sticking 
> through, or only a wire, or if you can shed any other light on this 
> conundrum.
> Thanks.
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