[Mgs] MG TD fuel tank

Rick Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 16:23:18 MST 2015

David wrote,

> I would be wary of using a tank sealer what with the gas out there.
> I would instead use a thick glob of black POR15, if it is just on a seam.

Thanks. Texas gasoline is contaminated with 10% ethanol. That bothers me too. Modern cars with engine management systems, can correct for the ideal fuel:air ratio. Older cars with carbs need more fuel since ethanol has a different mixture ratio. May not even be noticeable...but then again...

I think I will ask Moss about the sealant, then share the answer with the List. In the mean time, I will do as David recommended and paint a few coats of POR-15 all along the seam.

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