[Mgs] I'm not on the east coast, so....

David Breneman david_breneman at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 18 11:05:47 MST 2015

From: Aaron Whiteman via Mgs <mgs at autox.team.net>


> Since the Ridiculously Resistant Ridge remains in place,
> we have been suffering an unusually warm February (if it
> helps, I’d rather it be snowing, I don’t like seeing ski
> hills without the white stuff, especially in February).
> But since there’s no snow and there’s plenty of sunshine,
> I’m calling PEMCO today to re-insure the MG and taking her out.

Yes, we're having the warmest Winter on record here in
the Puget Sound area.  I took the MG to breakfast for
our annual birthday drive (we share the same birthday)
and there weren't many cars out at 8:00 in the morning,
but I counted three MGBs that afternoon when I went to
the supermarket.

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