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Guys, I've followed part of this thread and can share a thought or two.

In the early '90s, I worked in Russia. Not cosmopolitan Moscow, mind you. I was in Murmansk and later, on Sakhalin Island. While there I talked with locals about TV. Most importantly, they couldn't understand western TV. In '90s Russia, TV was an information system, intended to communicate important information (a.k.a. propaganda). Using it for entertainment was never imagined, and western programming, once understood, was considered squandering a valuable resource. American, and most of British TV, is entertainment. Even the so-called news networks are entertainment. Have you looked at Headline News Network lately?  Gack!

And while Top Gear is partially scripted, it includes a random factor. But in no case should it be considered a source of serious practical information. It is entertainment. I wonder what the '90s era Russians would think of it?!

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If you mean the criteria I posted eliminates Top Gear,  that was my point. 

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> Still doesn't apply to Top Gear.
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> I guess several of you were confused by my posting.
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