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Jack: I recall those days fondly.  A group of us listers met several times under the grandstand. We had name badges that one of the listers created. 
Frank Krajewski

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Came across an article about the Kit show in an old magazine. There used to be an autojumble at the same time as the kit show. I went once, and there were only a few cars on display. Didn't go back because it conflicted with the Dayton Hamvention.

In the article there were hundreds of cars and no mention of an autojumble. Is there still one? It used to be an important event for listers with much talk before the event, and some after it. They even met under the stands at 1:00PM to meet the other folks who were just a signature on the list. 

It was important enough for someone to design a hat with the list address and title on the front.

What happened?


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