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Mike Duvall mike at duvallvideo.com
Mon Feb 16 12:33:34 MST 2015

I guess several of you were confused by my posting.

“attempt to present themselves as a straight forward accounting of events”  means they are NOT REAL

“actual occurrences”  means the physical activities did happen.

“unscripted” mean no one told the “actors”  what to say and every detail was not planned in advance.  “actors” means “one who takes part” 

“genre” means type or class….

So Reality TV is a broad genre that refers to an unscripted documentary style of production where the actors are placed in contrived situations and respond to the situation.  

Unscripted documentary style focuses on covering the main actions of the actors with one or multiple cameras. 

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> Reality tv:  a genre of programming that documents unscripted situations and actual occurrences with a documentary style.  Much of the criticism focuses on the term reality as they attempt to present themselves as a straightforward  recounting of events.  Low production costs and high popularity is a formula for high profits.  

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