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PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Mon Feb 16 01:39:52 MST 2015

Top Gear is NOT 'reality' TV, in the way that 'reality' TV is on UK TV at 
least.  They all rely on a succession of people desperate for their 15 
minutes of fame.  The participants are unscripted but the situations and 
occurrences are - very carefully, for health and safety reasons at the very 
least.  Neither they nor TG can be considered to have a 'documentary style', 
going by any documentary that I have watched.  Yes, 'reality' shows have low 
production costs - "line ten people up and let's see how big a fool they can 
make out of themselves", incomparable with TG costs said to be £7M per 
series, and that's before the Big Three have been paid.  Some of stunts TG 
have pulled cost a lot of money, unlike seeing how long someone can sit in a 
bath of poo eating cockroaches, while pretending to be in an equatorial 

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> Reality tv:  a genre of programming that documents unscripted situations
> and actual occurrences with a documentary style.  Much of the criticism
> focuses on the term reality as they attempt to present themselves as a
> straightforward  recounting of events.  Low production costs and high
> popularity is a formula for high profits.

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