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They certainly do, and flat out, although whether they drive the cars the 
whole way themselves on the long-distance specials or not is another matter. 
The Argentina episode was interesting, but only for being able to see just 
how large the support organisation was when they were run out of the 
country.  Other than that, and the few shots of spectacular scenery, it was 

It took Clarkson several series before someone taught him how to handle 
oversteer on a rear-wheel drive car and understeer on a front-wheel drive on 
their test circuit.  Before that every outing of the former ended with him 
flooring the throttle after he had lost it and pirouetting in a cloud of 
tyre smoke.  The latter he just slid off.


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> Do the guys really drive the cars?
> Here in the U.S. we never see programs where the cars are driven flat out. 
> I was surprised to hear about Clarkson's lack of knowledge.
> I agree that 5th Gear is one hot hatch after another. Years ago I thought 
> it was pretty good.  Wheeler Dealers does have a lot of US cars being 
> worked on by Ed.
> One of our better shows is Fantom Works. I went to see their operation and 
> they are very much the real thing.
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