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Sat Feb 14 06:17:57 MST 2015

Hi Friends,

I write 'welt' in the re. line, not referring to my banged-up hands after installing the bonnet latch and bumper retaining bolts on my TD's left front wing, but rather, the welt that goes between the wings, running boards and the tub. I just recently installed that welt on the driver's side of my car, aligned it carefully and tightened the bolts securing the outboard bits. Man does it look nice! It really is the details that make cars look great! I'll share pictures once I retake them. The quicky camera phone shots that I took are poorly focused and unworthy of sharing.

I have the passenger side bits yet to install, plus a fuel tank to re-clean, and a new fuel line to run. Then it will be start-up time again. I write 'again' because the engine has already been tested. I did a 'proof of concept' engine run and all was smooth as silk BUT, the fuel filter clogged quickly from debris in the old fuel line. That's where I stopped work ages ago. Its now time to get back to work, in advance of springtime motoring season. Maybe, just maybe, the TD will be on the road by then.

Those of you who know me know that I retired from oil exploration two years ago. What you may not know is that I went back to work a year ago, just a few hours a week, mentoring new geoscientists in the dark arts of finding oil. Yesterday, I re-retired. The younglings are up and running on their own. So its back to mornings puttering in the garage!

PS: As if the TD wasn't adequately demanding, I recently bought a Lotus Esprit S2 in almost roadworthy condition! Yikes!
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