[Mgs] Securing series 26 battery in the MGB

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Follow-up;   I fabricated two 8 inch angles with a one-half inch wide 
horizontal leg and one-inch vertical leg from 20 gauge sheet metal ,
positioned them back to back and off-set them a bit short of the width of 
the battery box where it was to mount.
Clamped them together and drilled two holes thru both about one inch from 
the inner ends. Brazed in a 3/16" pin
1 3/4" long into the angle bend of the outer ends of the angle with about 
3/4" extending. Drilled a 1/4" hole on each side of
the battery box. Installed one bolt for a pivot and slid the pins into 
place, brought the angles down and installed the second
bolt . Used a thin piece of sheet rubber for a pad.

It worked perfectly.......so I believe that means it is  NOT  political.

Look up bungee in Webster's Dictionary for the definition of political.

Ron Sanborn

P.S.  For paint I chose the ugliest color on the shelf, which was  OSHA 

Now THATbS political !

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Looks like a political approach to a simple bungey problem.

At 07:11 PM 4/30/2014 -0500, riverside at southslope.net wrote:
>I  was just looking at the same situation in an MGB in the shop.
>I  will use 2 overlapping pieces of light angle iron of the appropriate 
>length, place them back to back
>and drill two holes several inches apart.  A bolt thru one hole will act as 
>a pivot.  I will weld a small
>diameter rod to the outer ends of each angle iron that will stick out about 
>one inch. Then  place the
>angles across the battery and mark the pin positions on the sides of the 
>battery box. Drill holes to fit the pins, install the pivot bolt
>and slide the pins into the holes drilled into the sides of the battery 
>box, scissors the angles
>together and install the second bolt to secure.  A rubber pad between the 
>battery and holder will
>assure  the battery being held snug.  Easy to install and remove and all is 
>Ron Sanborn
>Multiple British , Italian , and other stuff.
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>I have a 71 MGB with a series 26 battery on the passenger side. The battery
>fits fine. but how do you hold it down? I bought the (12V) Clamp/J-bolt set
>from Moss, but the clamp won't fit into the battery box, and I don't see 
>holes to hook the J-bolts to.
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