[Mgs] B/GT light switch

Carr&Edwards scvc70 at epix.net
Tue Mar 11 12:20:11 MDT 2014

Many thanks for the radio info--guess we'll get creative about speaker

A DPO has also been messing around with the dash--among other things, the
headlamp switch has been removed and replaced upside down--light rays point
outward, and "ON" means pushing in the top, not the bottom, of the switch.

The switch is the type pictured in Section Na.1 of the service manual--#3 & 4
on p.304 of the Bentley version of the manual.  It's loose enough that I can
pull it almost 1/2" out of the dash, but after considerable time lying on my
back staring at the thing I still can't figure out how to get the wire clip
off the back so the switch can come all the way out (the wiring harness,
naturally, is in the way of hands/tools....)  The reference to "Service Tool
18G 1145" is of course of no help!

Once again, List help will be greatly appreciated.

Sarah Carr
'71 B/GT in PA

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