[Mgs] OT - TR & F1

Rick Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 06:46:42 MST 2014

Hello Friends,

Today I hope to get a new battery in the Testarossa - the other TR. B Its been sitting dormant for too long. And as you may know, F-cars don't like to sit. Then again, my TD project has been sitting a lot as I try to finish my Volvo 1800ES project. Its a garage space issue.

Been reading the F1 pre-season testing stories? Mighty Red Bull promises to have a rocky start, as do all of the Renault-powered cars. Still, they will bounce back. Hopefully we (Ferrari) can rack up a points buffer before they do! I fear that scenario will hinge on how we do against the highly reliable Mercedes-powered cars.

Anyone going to Melbourne? Eric will be there, of course. I love that race, possibly because it was my first live F1 race experience back in 1997. That was the second year in Melbourne after moving from Adelaide. More likely, I enjoy that race the most for a multitude of reasons;B 

1. It was my first live race.
2. I love the city of Melbourne.
3. I've worked the race twice as a track marshal.
4. Albert Park is a teriffic venue.
5. And of course, its the first race after the winter hiatus.B 

Three more weeks to go. I hope U.S. TV coverage is good and reliable this year. Recent changes in broadcasting and my local provider have made watching and recording races a bit challenging.B 

Now, back to rejuvenating that TR...


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