[Mgs] BGT Resurrected

daybell7 at aol.com daybell7 at aol.com
Sat Dec 20 13:31:07 MST 2014

Thanks for the replies.  All I want to do is drive the car for fun running
errands, etc.  I figure the more reliable, the more I'll use it for
transportation. I got new valves because number two & three cylinders had weak
compression and the car backfired terribly. I suspected the valves needed
adjusted after so many (albeit not very many) miles, plus I had this miss or
sporadic cut-out of the engine.  The speedo reads 30k.  It has headers, later
model seats and the weber, so anything could have happened to the car in the
past.  The carb appeared to be requiring attention, so I cleaned it and
installed a K&N air filter.  The single carb mixture screws didn't seem too
difficult, either.  The car is solid and roadworthy.  The distributor is not
is the best condition, but I do have a Mallory Unilite that came with the car.
I understand that Lucas additives are beneficial to an engine's health and is
thicker than 20-50, so oil pressure could improve, plus internal parts (rings,
lifters, con-rods, bearings, etc.) might unstick and perform better. I
appreciate very much thoughts on this.  I intend to run it for some time and
adjust, test, and see how much I can tolerate before doing more complicated
work on the bearings, rings, etc.  I was having fun the way it was, simple
improvements will make me (& wife) happier rather than time consuming and
costly refinements. One thing I didn't mention initially was the clutch has a
fairly drastic shudder.  I have to keep RPMs up to avoid the shudder.  I
intend to bleed the slave cylinder to maybe help this.

Thanks again, Steve H.
'73 TR6
'72 MGB
'59 Morris Minor
'68 BGT

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