[Mgs] Leaking water elbow on head of a 78 B

Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Tue Dec 9 23:59:59 MST 2014


On earlier engines (MGA and possibly early MGB), two of the 
thermostat stud holes go through into the water jacket.  Some later 
engines may have one through hole. Some of the latest production 
engines may have three blind holes (no through holes).  You need to 
use thread sealant (paste) on the threads with through holes to 
prevent coolant seaping out around the threads.  When this happens 
you may see water around the nuts on top of the cover, and the studs 
may rust so bad as to prevent removal og the cover in the future.

Leaking under the cover may resut from damage caused by using a screw 
driver in the gasket joint to remove the cover.  Paper or composite 
gaskets are no good for this application, but cork gaskets (thicker 
and softer) work well.  If the bottom of the cover is damaged you may 
fix it by rubbing the cover against sand paper on a flat work top.'

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

At 06:17 PM 12/9/2014 -0700, Andrew Lundgren wrote:
>I have a coolant leak coming out around the studs of the water elbow on a
>78 B.
>I've never seen that before. I replaced the gasket and used some silicone
>on both sides of the gasket.
>Anyone seen this before? I'm thinking it must be damaged...
>The elbow is off of an earlier car, there is no filler.  I'm considering
>replacing the elbow with the later model with the filler cap built in.
>Any reason not to use the later cap? My '70 B has a radiator with a cap.
>With this later model, without the other elbow, I haven't found a great way
>to fill the radiator.

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