[Mgs] Leaking water elbow on head of a 78 B

jevans at mydb3.com jevans at mydb3.com
Tue Dec 9 21:21:03 MST 2014

I have a 77 with the same problem.  One of the the three studs does not
dead-end into the head material but goes into the coolant chamber.  Over
the years, use/corrosion has enlarged the thread clearances in the head
material so the stud is no longer as tight as it should be.  I use lots of
teflon tape to retard the leakage, this may work for you if it is the same
Jim Evans

> I have a coolant leak coming out around the studs of the water elbow on a
> 78 B.
> I've never seen that before. I replaced the gasket and used some silicone
> on both sides of the gasket.
> Anyone seen this before? I'm thinking it must be damaged...
> The elbow is off of an earlier car, there is no filler.  I'm considering
> replacing the elbow with the later model with the filler cap built in.
> Any reason not to use the later cap? My '70 B has a radiator with a cap.
> With this later model, without the other elbow, I haven't found a great
> way
> to fill the radiator.
> Thanks!
> Andrew
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