[Mgs] Fw: wiring gremlin in 70 MGB

davewillner davewillner at pa.net
Sun Aug 17 11:35:23 MDT 2014

So I finally picked up the right signal/horn/dipper switch for my 70 and have
a question. Seems there's a stray wire (pink and  purple) coming out of the
loom with the other wires that connect to the back of the ignition switch. I
think it runs to the buzzer. Not sure where it connects, it has a female spade
connector with a male insert with a hole, looks like a screw passed thru to
maybe connect or ground it?  Any ideas where this connects and how?  Thanks,
appreciate it

1970 MGB
1959 TR3a
1970 BSA 441 VS

From: davewillner
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 7:16 PM
To: mgs at autox.team.net
Subject: wiring gremlin in 70 MGB

Ok, so last fall my turn signal lever on my 70 MGB melted down, the end of the
lever started to melt. I did a quick replacement with a used one I found at a
show, it was for a later year (71+) as it didn't have the horn button. I'm not
sure if this is all coincidental or not, all my fuses are ok and in tack. The
battery has been going dead, the ignition key buzzer goes off when the
driver's door is opened even without the key left in. And the tach has stopped
working awhile ago, I think around last fall when I had the initial issue.
Today the signals just stopped working also. I just ordered the correct signal
lever with the horn button, but curious as to what to take a look at first?
Appreciate any insight and help, thanks


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