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> Subject: [Mgs] Oil Cooler Installation
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> Guys:
> I have decided to install stainless steel oil cooler lines in my 66 MGB and
> probably the oil cooler unit.  Any tricks?  Suggestions?  What size nut is
> on the cooler lines at the cooler?
> Thanks,
> Ray

The most fun is going to be the the grommets in the radiator surround. 
If you plan on using the old ones they will be very hard and hard to get 
out and back in. I'd recommend going with new. And still it's a crashing 
bore. I've been most successful with lots of silicon lube and putting 
them on to the hose before snaking the hose through the surround and 
then using either a very blunt flathead screwdriver or preferably, if 
you have one, a cotter pin puller, you MAY be able to force the rubber 
through the sheet metal. Just getting those things seated is a two ale 
job. It's not quite as much fun as the rubber brick in the heater unit.

IIR, the compression nut size is 7/8, but as mentioned you want to have 
a wrench on the cooler side of the fitting as well.


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