[Mgs] 1971 MGB front pulley split, any advice on replacement?

Simon Matthews simon.d.matthews at gmail.com
Sun Jun 23 19:38:54 MDT 2013

I was able to remove the radiator and eventually remove the bolt holding in
the front pulley.

Next question: how to get the front pulley off the shaft?


On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 5:52 PM, Simon Matthews
<simon.d.matthews at gmail.com>wrote:

> The front pulley on my daughter's '71 MGB has split (outer turns
> independently of inner).
> Any advice on replacement? I have a compressor and impact wrench, so I
> should not have problems removing the bolt, once I can get to it. What size
> is the bolt? I need to make sure I have a suitable socket.
> I did this some years ago on my MGA, but was wondering if there are any
> extra considerations for the MGB?
> Also, is it safe to forget to replace the belt that drives the air pump
> (smog pump)?
> Simon

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