[Mgs] They aren't going to try to total my '78!

Andrew Lundgren lundgren at byu.net
Thu Jun 13 13:25:40 MDT 2013

Got the good news back.

The damage appraisal doesn't exceed the replacement cost.  Now I need to 
decide if I want to restore it and spend the ~$1000 on a new rear rubber 
bumper or spend the same $1000 on a chrome kit and direct the repair 
shop to convert it to a chrome bumper car...

I haven't come across a shop in UT that has done the chrome bumper 
conversion though.  I am considering hauling it back to Colorado (my 
home until 2 years ago) and have http://sportscarcraftsmen.com/ do the work.

Either way, it will be on the road again!  CHEER!


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