[Mgs] Fuel tank refinishing

Richard Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 14:16:27 MDT 2013

Hello Friends,

Today, after completing and installing the right-rear damper, I
decided to begin restoration of the TD's fuel tank.  First inspection,
done weeks ago, told me that the tank was sound and that the rust
observed was just a thin surface rust.  Inspection and sanding today
confirmed both assumptions.

I had already removed the drain plug, outlet port, complete with
filter, and the fuel-level-light sender.  I had also flushed the tank
with soapy water, multiple times, just to make the tank safe to
handle.  As of now, the exterior of the tank is clean, smooth and
primered.  Here's a look while the primer is drying.


I had restored the fuel level sensor and verified its correct
operation.  A kind MG-T List member told me that its difficult to get
the sender to seal, so I made sure to clean the tank flange carefully.
 There was no rust there so it was easy to get the surface clean.  The
sender is also nice and clean.  Another member of the List told me to
use aircraft fuel system gasket sealant when reinstalling the sender.
I bought some and will use it not only for the tank-to-sender joint
but also to better seal the sender's cover.

The next step will be to clean out the tank, now that the exterior is
clean.  I'll use Restomotive's Marine-Clean, already purchased.


I list the link for information only.  I have no commercial connection
other than being a satisfied customer.  And after that process is
complete, I'll examine the inside of the tank for corrosion (rust).
If its clean or reasonably clean, I'll flush it with Prep-&-Ready to
coat the rust with zinc phosphate and put it into operation.


Same disclaimer.

If the inside has more than 'a little' rust, I'll do the zinc
phosphate bit then coat it with Moss's 'Slushing Compound'.


And again, no connection.

The drain plug and the fuel outlet port, complete with filter, are
already restored and ready to reinstall on fresh fiber washers
(probably coated with the sealant referenced above).

On an allied topic; I hope to flush out the fuel line, rather than
replace it.  Its clear but I'm sure, coated with nasty fuel gum.  I'll
just soak and flush it out with the Marine-Clean.

And that's it for Wednesday.


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