[Mgs] Refinishing Armstrong dampers

Don don at napanet.net
Tue Jun 11 12:25:42 MDT 2013

My experience has been that if an old lever action shock is covered 
with oily greasy stuff, it is leaking and that is why it is 
dirty.  If it isn't leaking, it should be pretty much clean.  Just my 
tupence of MG experience.  Perhaps others can chime in on this, but 
from what I have seen, the shocks will generally be clean if the 
seals are still sealing.

At 10:14 AM 6/11/2013, Richard Lindsay wrote:
>Hello Friends,
>Today I refinished the left-rear damper and ran it through its full
>extent of travel, compression and rebound.  It moved smoothly with
>more resistance in compression - as designed.  Once the paint has
>cured for another day, I'll open the filler port and check/top-up the
>fluid.  I also checked the 'silent-blocks' on the link, or whatever,
>and verified that they were viable.
>Here's the 'essence of nasty' during cleaning and degreasing.
>Once clean and free of grease, I decided that the aluminum finish was
>just too stained to look nice - so I sprayed it with 'Cast Coat
>Aluminum' engine paint.
>I then painted the arm and link black and mounted it to the frame.
>The new bolts I used are about 20mm too long.  I'll change them out
>for the correct length bolts once I get back to the hardware store.
>Here are a series of pictures, mostly virtual duplicates.
>The right-hand damper is on the workbench with most of the crud
>scraped off.  I haven't started with the degreaser.  I got hot, dirty
>and hungry. :-P  Perhaps I can finish the cleanup and also install it
>today.  I also need to clean and spray the right-rear handbrake cable
>with clear-coat, just as I did for the left hand side.
>With best regards,

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