[Mgs] right-rear spring + brake plumbing

Richard Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 13:10:09 MDT 2013

Hi Friends,

Been back in the garage.  I have a 3-week hiatus coming up in about 9
days so I have found a natural stopping point; Everything on the
frame, suspension and brakes, to be finished from the hoop back.
Easily achievable, leaving time for another commitment.

A day or two ago, I cleaned and refinished all the right-rear spring
mounting hardware.


All the rubber bits are in hand too so I had no excuse to not attack
the spring.  What a dirty pain - but worth it.

While waiting for the primer to dry on the spring leaves, I fitted the
shackle bushings.


Partially reassembled, I primered and painted the spring.


Here's just a quick picture of the spring going back together,
complete with new rubber pads.


Once assembled, the spring was mounted on the front bushing and the
rear shackle.


As with the left hand side, the nuts are not yet tight, awaiting full loading.

A little earlier in the day, and while spring primer and/or paint was
drying, I installed the 4-way block and the new brake line from the
4-way to the rear flex hose.  Here's how it looks after careful
'shaping'.  Again, this is Cu-Al alloy tubing, as supplied by Moss.


Here's a closer look at the aft end of the line.


A kinda-ugly bend bend appears in this picture but it is just the
angle of the photograph.  Actually, its three bends; a dog-leg out
from the frame rail and then, a bend to align with the flex line
fitting.  The bolt holding the clamp is one of the new grade #8 bolts
for the dampers.

Here's a look at the forward end at the 4-way.


That too is a complex bend; one away from the frame rail and the other
to align with the 4-way.

And here's a last picture of that corner.


I'll post pictures of the right-rear spring mount this evening.  The
spring is mounted but the axle is not yet attached.  Once that work is
done, I can shape and install the right-rear brake line.  That's
actually pretty fun work.  Its a little artistic, getting the bends
clean and neat with everything fitting properly...

-rick, in steamy hot Houston

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