[Mgs] TD project back on line...

Richard Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 15:25:22 MDT 2013

Hello Friends,

Sorry to leave such a hiatus in the ongoing TD rebuild story.  My
internet connection, via AT&T U-verse failed (noisy incoming line).
And since the MGS and MG-T lists require 'simple text format' AND my
portable devices can only send 'rich formatting', I've been in
read-only mode.  That doesn't mean that I haven't been in the garage!
Here's an update.

When last I wrote, I had cleaned, degreased and refinished about 40%
of the TD's frame and rear suspension.  I have now completed
everything from the hoop back, except the right-rear spring.

Here's about where the story left off, right after removing the spring.



A day or so I started work on this corner.


While other things were going on, I painted the exhaust with the
high-heat paint.  Hopefully it will be reusable.


Here's how the frame looked after the cleaning, degreasing and painting.


A day later I installed the first of the new brake lines.



The offset around the strap should clear the side-curtain box, but I
will be quite careful when lowering the tub onto the chassis.  If its
too close, I'll reshape the brake line.

Here's how the chassis sits today.


I was planning work in the garage today but since I cleaned the bench
up nicely yesterday, I decided to take a day off.  Well, that and the
realization that the next two jobs are quite dirty.

First of all, I need to rebuild the spring.  That means taking it all
apart, sanding the leaves, primering and painting,  That's the dirty
bit.  I'll then reassemble it with new rubber bits and bolt it up to
the frame on new bushings.

The next quest is the cleanup and refinishing of the dampers.  They
are heavily coated in grimy dirt.  I have, however, run them through
compression and rebound and they work smoothly, exerting more
resistance in compression, just as designed.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll
get at least one of them refurbished.  Fortunately, I have a nice, new
bottle of Moss shock oil.

Glad to be back, Friends.  Happy Saturday.


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