[Mgs] first spring reinstalled

Richard Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 13:36:31 MDT 2013

Hi Friends,

This afternoon my TD's rubber parts arrived so I reassembled the left
rear spring and installed it on new bushings.  Here's how it looks
now.  ( The domain server has been intermittent today so if you get
'not found' errors, just try again. )



The handbrake cable attachment is temporary as I haven't yet rebuilt
the slave cylinders or installed the rubber boots.


The suspension bolts at the bushings are just snugged up, not tight,
awaiting the weight of the car on the suspension.  When at the Ferrari
factory a decade or so ago, I picked up on a tip the mechanics use
there.  Any nut or bolt that has been properly torqued, has a dab of
red or yellow paint placed across the nut and threads, or the bolt
head and the part.  That way, (1) It is obvious which parts have been
tightened/torqued, and (2) By observing the alignment of the paint
dab, it is obvious if a nut or bolt has moved.  For example, here is a
look at one of the cam belt tensioners on my 308GTB, right after I
replaced the belts.


I'll do the same for the TD's suspension bolts, if perhaps a bit more subtly.

The new brake pipes arrived too.  They are from Moss and appear to be
of top quality copper-nickel alloy.  I have done nothing more than
identify and inventory them.  I believe that I will do a little more
cleaning and refinishing before running pipes...


PS: Black parts are really hard to photograph!

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