[Mgs] 1967 Sprite for sale Part 2 of 2

dwoerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Wed Jul 17 10:36:27 MDT 2013

Now for a list of what the car needs (IMHO).



New interior -- seats ripped and miscellaneous panels loose, missing, or 
in poor shape.(Interesting that the door cap covering and insets are a 
green vinyl while all the other panels are black). Seats not attached.

Entire rear bulkhead between cockpit and boot is missing.I almost didn't 
catch that it was missing until I realized this isn't a Bugeye!

Needs new tires.The present ones are "new" but old Michelin XZX and the 
sidewalls are checked and cracked...lots of tread though!

Underbody could be freshened so it looked as good as the body.Engine 
compartment also black and not body color.

Interesting color accenting suspension bits.

No heater.

Note:Looks like a nut missing on the right front suspension 
upright.Grease on right front wheel....means some work.

Front dampers seemed very soft. (Peter Caldwell will take care of 
that!)  Rear dampers are fine as far as I could tell.

Should the rear spring "U" bolts have that much thread showing through 
the nut?


An oval tag (located where the rectangular chassis tag should be) has 
the following VIN stamped into it:HAN9U/71648G(That's how it was 
arranged, as I typed it) [71648 made Nov. 1967(according to Horler)]

Tag on engine is original.12CD-Da H 3451[between April and Oct. 1968 
(according to Horler)](CD denotes North America with emission control)

The engine is a no tappet cover 1275 with plugged air injectors and twin 
HS2 S.U. carbs.

Mark (shop owner) doesn't really know what it's worth.He's done his 
homework and figured $4000-5000.I haven't kept up with today's prices 
but if this runs well then I would say that's in the ball park being 
that $5000 is today's $1200 (which is what I paid for the Bugeye in 
1977).This car feels solid and is worth a look for someone hankering for 
a nice driver or a good candidate for a full blown resto.If someone 
doesn't grab it he's going to sell to one of those commercial folks that 
buys up lbc's and resells them.Hope somebody grabs it!

Again, NFI. Just hope it gets a good home.Let me know if you can't get 
the pictures.

Dave W.   '59 :{)

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