[Mgs] The SD1 5 speed gearbox

Barrie Robinson barrie at look.ca
Sun Jul 14 10:07:06 MDT 2013

Hello folks,

This will be of interest to only the V8 fiends but just in case I am 
sending to other MG bodies

My gear shift lever broke off at the bottom of the thread while 
motoring to a car show.  This made changing gear a bit 
difficult.   It looks like there was a flaw in the metal.  What I 
want to know is how difficult is it to replace the the part in the 
SD1 5-speed gearbox WITHOUT having to take the gearbox cover etc off 
- or am I doomed to a big job.  The other thought is - could I get 
the part welded on - there is room as the break is right at the 
bottom of the thread.  The leather lever cover will cover the 
joint.  Thank you in advance for your replies which I do hope are helpful.

Incidentally there was big 1950 Daimler convert able there.  Original 
paint and everything.  Looked like it just came out of the showroom - 
Brilliant !!


Barrie Robinson
barrie at look.ca
MGB GT V8  in great nick
Aston Martin 1957 DB 2/4 MkII under restoration

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