[Mgs] Reconditioning /cleaning carbs

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes Paul I meant carb cleaner but I only saw brake cleaner on the shelf until a second look after your post. I didn't think of paint thinner Curt. That is a good cheap option. It's been a while (8 years) since I did a full restoration. So I may need some reminders from time to time.
I have decided to name this Mg 1100 Cali. As it came from California via New Hampshire.
Jim S.
Harleysville, PA
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Subject: [Mgs] Reconditioning /cleaning carbs
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Why not carb cleaner?  That comes in a high-pressure aerosol designed to blast off typical carb internal sooting so external grime (assuming that is what you mean) should be no problem.

----- Original Message ----- > Folks,I received a carb care package from John E today and want to get > started
> cleaning them to prepare for rebuild. I was thinking of using brake > cleaner
> spray to get rid of grime. Is this ok or should I use Simple Green, WD 40 > or
> some other cleaner to wipe them down inside and out? Any suggestions?

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