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Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Mon Oct 29 01:01:20 MDT 2012

I didn't assemble the motor.  It was done by a friend at a race shop.  A saga
in itself.

On Oct 25, 2012, at 10:05 PM, Just Brits Shop wrote:

> << On 10/25/2012 11:26 PM, dwoerpel at wi.net wrote:
> .......but your plug leads don't look correct.  I think the #1 wire should
be in the 1 o'clock position on the distributor then going counter-clockwise,
the #3 wire, then #4, then #2. >>
> Unless my eyes are SO shot from looking at a BMC Parts Catalogue with it's
-10 point font print, all but # 3 are wrong, Dave <G> ! ! !
> The way I see it (counter-clockwise):
> Dist. # 1 goes to Plug # 2
> Dist. # 4 goes to Plug # 1
> Dist. # 3 goes to Plug # 3
> Dist. # 2 goes to Plug # 4
> BUT, dizzy DOES look incorrectly 'positioned' <G> ! ! !
> Larry, Dave is correct in that #1 wire (cap) should be at 1:00 o'clock ! !
> Yours looks to be at close to 3:00 o'clock ? ! ?

When I was horsing things around, I found that the adjustment on the dizzy
wasn't tightened down, and its position is completely random.

I am expecting/planning on setting timing from first principles when I'm a lot
closer to being ready to fire it up.

Given my preferences, I'd like to pull the dizzy, and the carb, and replace
them with a megasquirt system with crank based timing.  I'm afraid that
probably won't happen in the near future.

> HOW did you put the dizzy "drive shaft" in ?????????

I gave a pile of parts to Leroy Lacy and said, "Please make these into a
complete motor".  Actually I asked about the shop where he was building his
GT-2 tiger doing it, but as it turned out he ended up doing it, getting the
help of folks at that and the various other race shops right there.

> Have you turned to motor since you FIRST installed timing chain (with dots

The motor has turned since then.

> GREAT lookin' job ! ! !   Question:  Can't tell for SURE, but are there
rubber 'o' rings under
> cyl. head nuts as visible in last picture ??  I tried to enlarge,
but............<G> ! !

Nope, those are fancy ARP cylinder head nuts.

It's a pretty crazy motor, between the aluminum flywheel, head and backing
plate, along with the reduction gear motor, I've knocked fifty static pounds
off the motor (probably worth about half a second a lap).  I've got a hi-flow
(hp-performance) supercharger, pauter rods, Armand Ayala did the crank,
venolia pistons, an aluminum head that was ported by Don Redmond (Replicka
Machinen), roller rockers, Dima Elgin ground the cam to Hans Pederson's specs,
and I've got the special header that Hans developed for the supercharged

With what I later discovered was  cracked iron head, the previous incarnation
of the motor, with the blower, saw 90 hp to the ground, and once peaked at
100. So, I'm hoping to consistently get a little better than 100 to the ground
with the ported aluminum head.


It was pretty impressive, she'd keep up with the spec miatas on the straights
at thunder hill.

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