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I keep hearing two different opinions about Dot 5.
Dot 5 is terrible because it does not mix with water.
Dot 5 is wonderful because it does not mix with water.

Take your pick!

BTW, I've had good luck with Dot 5 in my TD over the past 10 years without 

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>I use Dot 5 since 2000 and found, that regular replacement must be done,
> eventhough Dot 5 does not mix with water.
> Water vapour still comes into the system, so finally can create rust into
> the cylinder bores.
> So I had to replace the clutch MC, as the cylinder bore was pitted.
> Cheers,
> Hans
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>   Silicone separates quite visibly.
> Bob
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> DOT3, 4 and 5.1 aka Super DOT4 are all glycol based and hence compatible, 
> so
> you can just flush the old out when filling with the new. DOT5 is the odd
> one out being silicone and the two types must not be mixed, switching
> between these is not a trivial task.  I've never been able to understand 
> why
> a development of glycol was given the designation DOT5.1, implying it was 
> a
> development of silicone, and not DOT6.  Water mixes pretty-well instantly
> with glycol based, never had silicone to try.
> PaulH.
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