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   Loss of fluid from the clutch hydraulic system is unlikely to be the cause
of a slipping clutch.   All the plumbing is exterior to the clutch friction
surfaces. To check for leaks at the slave cylinder, peel back the rubber dust
boot. If fluid drips, you have found the leak.
   A slipping clutch, if caused by fluid leaking, is most likely to be oil
from rear main seal of the engine. Check that a split pin is loose in the hole
at the bottom of the clutch housing, so that oil inside can drip out.
    Another possibility is that the hose has started to deteriorate inside,
having formed a one way flapper valve from a bit of loose inner liner.  Test
for this is to see if slipping occurs right after gear change and does not
happen with full throttle a few seconds after the gear change. The time has
allowed fluid to get past the flapper valve and for the clutch to fully
    A slipping clutch may, alas, be worn out also.

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The reason I want to know about my brake fluid is the master cylinder is low
and I need to put fluid in. Also after I drive the car for about 15 or 20
minutes the cluch seems to be slipping. I was wondering if low fluid level
could cause this. Maybe having lower preasure in the cluch line.

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