[Mgs] Engine compartment progress

Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Mon Oct 22 17:30:51 MDT 2012

I was about to start putting the motor back into Jasmine, my 69 BGT, and took
a slight detour to clean the engine compartment up.  I used catalyzed paint
and a preval canister for spraying. Now that I've done it, I know a lot better
how to do a good job, but it's not worth spending another week redoing the
paint in the engine compartment.

Here's the starting point:

Here it is this afternoon:

Here is the flickr collection of the various sets:

I think that I'm just about ready to set the motor in place, so that I can at
least start making sure I have room for everything, and that it is routed
cleanly.  I also need to start work on a new dashboard, one that is mounted to
the rollcage.  That may first involve repaininting the rollcage I'm afraid.
I'm trying to keep in mind that my goal on the aesthetics is not showcar, but
racecar.  50/50 would work, I'm going for 20/20.

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