[Mgs] MGB Engine and gearbox reinstallation

Peter Schauss rpschauss at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 12:35:53 MDT 2012

I have had my engine and gear box out twice and each time I just
unbolted the cross member.  Once the cross member has
dropped down a few inches it is quite easy to get at the bolts for the
rear mounts.

Peter Schauss
1980 MGB
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Hi Paul,
  Access to the gearbox mounts is difficult. Additionally, there will be found
a sediment of sand, dirt and hardened grease that complicates fitting the
wrench to nuts and bolts.
   I have not resorted to drilling of the holes, so far, but it seems a
reasonable thing to do. Without the holes, most of the wrenching is
accomplished with open-end spanners, turning one flat at a time. This is done
without being able to see anything clearly.
  If there were no other benefit, just having the holes to aid removal of the
grit would seem to be worthwhile.

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