[Mgs] MGB Engine and gearbox reinstallation

Peter Schauss rpschauss at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 17:50:59 MDT 2012


I have never tried it, but I do not believe that there is enough clearance
between the chassis rails to drop the engine.  If space is limited, my
preference would be to leave the gearbox in place.  Lining the engine up
with the gearbox will be a bit of a struggle, but patience you should be
able mate the two units.

You will need to remove the starter as it will not clear the body.

Also, on later MGB's the steering column goes through the left hand motor
mount bracket.  If you detach the motor mount from this bracket you will
have to remove the steering rack in order to attach the motor mount to the
bracket on the frame in order to tighten the nut.

Peter Schauss
1980 MGB

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> Now I know I'm going to be told to fit the engine and gearbox as a unit.
> But
> has anyone removed the mount brackets from the engine front plate, dropped
> just the engine down between the chassis rails and brackets, joined the
> gearbox to the engine on the floor under the car, then lifted the assembly
> into position and refitted the mount brackets and mounts?  I realise the
> rear
> of the gearbox may need jacking up as the engine is raised into position.
> Space and hoist limitations make lifting the combined unit in from the top
> problematic.
> Thanks,
> PaulH.

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