[Mgs] MGA Distributor Problems

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Mon Oct 1 02:07:57 MDT 2012

The two halves of the distributor shaft can also be reassembled 180 degrees 
out, and on an MGB at least the drive gear in the block can be inserted in 
as many different positions as there are teeth.  You can move the leads 
round the cap to 'correct' any of these, but it seems to me that as two 
alternative distributors pointed in the 'wrong' direction it is the drive 
gear that is wrong and maybe the distributor was altered to suit that, or 
the other way round.  But OTOH you didn't say where the rotor *does* point 
on No.1 firing stroke, on an MGB as you look down on the rotor this should 
be about 1 o'clock.  If that is where your two alternative distributors 
point, but your original distributor points to 7 o'clock, then the drive 
gear is correct, and the leads on your cap were moved round by a PO to suit 
an incorrect distributor, so simply put the leads back where they should be.

Work out exactly what is wrong first, then correct that if you want to get 
it right.  Or if your drive gear and/or distributor are wrong and you want a 
quick bodge, simply move the leads round to suit.


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