[Mgs] On the road again!

Bert Palte palte at gmx.net
Tue Sep 13 08:57:29 MDT 2011

Well Keith, this must make you very proud!
Congratulations and enjoy your drives.
Let's hope the weather continues to be nice for some time to come.

1970 B

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> Datum: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 09:07:10 -0400
> Von: "Keith G." <kger at plex.com>
> An: mgs at autox.team.net
> Betreff: [Mgs] On the road again!

> Cue that Willie Nelson song...
> After far too long, I finally have my B on the road again.  I've driven it
> to work twice now, 
> taking advantage of what looks to be the last of the reasonably warm
> mornings this year here 
> in the upper American midwest.  More things need to be done on the car,
> for sure--and you'll 
> see some questions posted here soon--but at least it's driveable again.
> -- 
> Keith G.
> 1979 B
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