[Mgs] Nice project spotted

Jack Feldman qualitas.jack at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 13:23:48 MST 2011

If you google *How to develop the MGC GT *you will find a more sane way of
doing it*.* What was done didn't leave an MGC, but a shell. No need to do
either of the approaches.

The first thing I did was change the shocks. The C has tube shocks in the
front, and an MGB rear shock conversion kit kit was a simple install. Then
I replaced the roll bar with an uprated one. Drove all over the country to
the MGC meets. Great road car.Once I drove from Pensacola to Downers Grove,
about 1650 miles in 18 hours. Easy.

The car is now with my son in Portland, Oregon. The problem there is that
many of the rallys are on twisty roads. The C came with 31/2 turns lock to
lock, A quick rack made that 21/2 just like the MG. Heavy at slow speeds,
but great on twisting roads.

No long distance here, but just the trip from Portland to Reno last summer.
A great ride.


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