[Mgs] Need splined hub quickly

Douglas McKinnie d.mckinnie at usa.net
Tue May 24 11:50:05 MDT 2011

I phoned Moss and one is being shipped overnight from their VA warehouse. The
cost was $149, so now I can worry about why the part in the catalog is $120
but the part they are sending is $150...

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I have the same problem, different side (67 BGT). I tried to locate one and
even attended a swap meet May 1 looking for one. Finally ended up ordering
from a Moss reseller rather than Moss direct to save about 20% but now three
weeks have passed. I just called the reseller and he is shipping it out
So in short, your best bet may be Moss at ~$120. At least they appear
available and in stock.

David Councill

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Investigating the "klunk" sound from the left rear, I find that the splines
the wire wheel hub are shot.

The trouble is, both I and the MGB are supposed to be leaving Nashville on
Thursday morning first thing to begin my annual migration to New England.

I'm about to call Moss, but does anyone have a better idea of where I might
find a serviceable hub for a '70 MGB that won't have to be shipped across the

Douglas 70 MGB-GT
Murfreesboro TN

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