[Mgs] Non-LBC question

WSpohn4 at aol.com WSpohn4 at aol.com
Mon May 2 11:54:35 MDT 2011

Don't even waste the time unless you measure the journals and make sure  
they aren't tapered or ovalled.  Otherwise it will just be wasted time and  
In a message dated 5/2/2011 10:46:25 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,  
mgbnutt at aol.com writes:

I  realize that "flying in" new bearings is an 'iffy" procedure at best,  
this is not meant to be a long term solution.  I'm just looking  for a cheap
fix so I can drive a few 1,000 miles until I can buy another  vehicle.  Any
suggestions greatly  appreciated!

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