[Mgs] Paint care

Paul Hunt paul.hunt1 at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun May 1 07:35:00 MDT 2011

Depends on the polish, most are a one-step oxidisation removal and wax 
giving the typical 'water bubble' effect.  Meguiars do have a polish and an 
optional liquid wax finishing coat, but unless your paint finish is liquid 
smooth (mine isn't) the latter is a waste of time and money.

Red pigments suffer more from oxidisation than blue/green.  However I would 
never use an orbital polisher on red cellulose if that is what you have, it 
is too soft.  Even hand polishing gets a worrying amount of pigment onto the 
cloth, although after 21 years there is only one tiny spot of undercoat 
showing through, on one of the raised seams between wing and screen scuttle. 
Polish type is also very variable, I've never used Meguiars but Turtle 
original (white cream) removes quite a bit and gives a good gloss, Turtle 
modern (clear liquid) removes hardly any but only gives a dull finish. 
AutoGlym (white cream popular with concourse) is a good compromise between 
the two.  Mer didn't take any colour off, can't remember the finish as I 
stopped using it many years ago as white streaks kept appearing in seams 
etc. for weeks afterwards.  The 'water bubble' effect can also be damaging 
on soft pigments, leaving white blobs if you get a shower then strong 


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> My understanding is that the car polish is to cut through and remove the
> oxidised layer, and then I need to wax the car to make it shiny and 
> protect
> the newly-exposed paint. Am I on the right track?

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