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Yeah, I suspected you of "cheating," in terms of having your car actually set
up and maintained for the track and having....skills. No fair.


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You seem to be going much faster than all the other kiddies out there. Also,
much faster than any "B" I've ever been in.

Thanks Jay - but I should have been going a bit faster :-)

Remember, this was a MGCC National Meeting - some of those people probably
rarely take their cars onto a race track.  Some would never have driven on
that racetrack.  Apart from the past year, I have driven there for ten years.
I should be fairly comfortable on that tarmac!

Oh yeah - and some of those might be pretty fast street machines but they are
set up for comfortable commuting.  Mine stopped being a "cvomfortable
commuter" some years ago.

I just don't want anyone to think I was being that spectacular.


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