[Mgs] Dayton chrome wire wheels

Ed Woods fogbro1 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 30 20:00:54 MST 2009


FWIW, the 4 Dayton wheels I've purchased this year are to replace 4, 20 year
old chrome Dunlops. The Dunlops were used very little, but had serious rust
problems on the hubs, spokes and rims. AFAIK, they have no "truing" problems.

I don't know if current Indian Dunlops still have chromed spokes, but if they
do, it's one more reason to buy Daytons which have stainless spokes.

And the Daytons, as I purchased them, have the tubeless option. That's a big
deal since so many places will not longer deal with tube type wheels.

And they're still manufactured in the USA!

NFI, just stating my reasons for going in the Dayton direction.

Ed Woods

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