[Mgs] slow, hungry wiper motor

Bob Howard mgbob at juno.com
Mon Nov 30 08:29:46 MST 2009

  First thing I would check on is resistance to the output of the motor. 
The motors themselves work well for a long time. Disconnect it and
separate the push-pull cable so that you can test its action.  Push &
pull on the cable with wiper blades off the glass.  If there is any
grinding or sticking, there is trouble in the cable or in the wheelboxes.
  If there is resistance in the wheelboxes, you may..... be able to free
them w/o R&R, and the job is sufficiently difficult that efforts to free
them are worthwhile.  Check back for details if they turn out to be the
On Fri, 27 Nov 2009 07:16:26 -0800 Aaron Whiteman <awhitema at panix.com>
> Driving home last night, I saw a very faint glow in the ignition 
> warning
> light.  It was raining, it was dark, and I had the radio on.  I have 
> a
> decently sized alternator, so this is not a situation where I 
> normally think I
> would be overloading it.
> After a few miles of travel, I determined the glow went away when I 
> turned off
> the wipers, which have been a bit sluggish anyway.
> So my question is simple, where do I look first?
>  * the wiper transmission
>  * the green circuit feeding the motor
>  * the motor itself
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