[Mgs] The wrong side of the road

Larry Daniels ladaniels at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 28 16:43:28 MST 2009

You aren't kidding about that.  It is super-slow.  If I could bottle it as a 
sleep aid, I'd make a fortune.

In fact, it's like the guys who race against you -- should I pass him now or 
just wait until he breaks?

Back at ya,


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Larry, one of the reasons you have no problem driving it here is it is far
too slow to pass anyone or anything.


If you had to pull out to pass and waited until you could see from that
right seat, then you'd have trouble.

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> My Austin Ute is RHD and I have zero problem driving it here in the
> states.
> Nor do I have any problem driving a RHD vehicle on the left side of the
> road
> in Ireland -- for a few days.  I find that when I first get there I'm
> good
> for the first few days and then I get too comfortable with it and start
> to
> not think about what I am doing.  My wife occasionally has to remind me
> to
> get into the left lane as she is digging her claws into the dash.
> Larry Daniels 

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