[Mgs] The wrong side of the road

Hans Duinhoven h.duinhoven at planet.nl
Sat Nov 28 09:22:32 MST 2009

British people are Europeans as well!
Though they're not living on the continent.

I drove often UK cars in England with steering wheel on the RH side.
Not problem at all...



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> Is it true that Europeans and Americans are unable to change gear with 
> their
> left hand, thus causing them to drive on the wrong side of the road?
> Murray Arundell
> Brisbane Australia where we drive on the correct side of the road....... 
> :)
> On Sat Nov 28 19:18 , "Paul Hunt"  sent:
>>As far as the last image goes the Palatino Bridge in Rome is known as
>>'English Bridge" for the same reason.  What bugs me is that although cars
>>for the UK market are built RHD of course, they are built with LHD 
>>columns i.e. the indicator switch on the left instead of the right.  Japan
>>was one of the last countries producing for the UK market to change over
>>from having it on the right, presumably deciding to give the UK a 
>>column even though they are RHD themselves, and presumably (although I'm
>>guessing) still have the indicator switch on the right for their own 
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>>> Left - right - wrong?

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